IIIII is a compilation released at the occasion of E42.A8's 5th birthday

* E42.A8 is a place for free improvisation, both electronic and acoustic. it's working by sessions, with varying musicians. it's located somewhere close to the french/belgian border, close to Lille and Tournai.

in the compilation tracks were made with various combinations of the following musicians ( links to be completed ) :


(names + links to sound or groups )

Quentin Conrate ° Quaukappen (m/ Mathieu Lilin ), ° Wing in Ground Effect ( m/ François Ella-Meyé & Pierre Denjean ), ` Lunar Error (Lebrun / Lilin / Colpaert / Lemaire / Ella-Meyé / Coquelet / Rathier / Ménard / Denjean / Conrate ), ^ terres rares (Mathieu Lilin, Pierre Denjean, François Ella-Meyé, Claude Colpaert, Quentin Conrate ), f Left Handers (Julia Danzinger/Quentin Conrate )  https://janet-dronemusic.bandcamp.com/ ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet )
Mathieu Lilin ° Quaukappen ` Lunar Error  ^ terres rares ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet )
Benoît Deuxant ° Martiensgohome http://mgh.constantvzw.org/  https://soundcloud.com/martiensgohome   https://martiensgohome.bandcamp.com/   
° Plochingen https://soundcloud.com/plochingen-1
Lucien Rapilly https://soundcloud.com/rapilly-lucien ° 15%Chauve
Flavien Gillié https://soundcloud.com/soundisall  https://soundisall.bandcamp.com/   _ Ademuru ( w/ Jerôme Mabille aka Dropthedyle ) : https://soundcloud.com/ademuru
Grégory Duby https://soundcloud.com/gregory_duby Jesus is my Son https://soundcloud.com/jesusismysonofficial ° Solah ° K-Branding ° Martiensgohome http://mgh.constantvzw.org/  https://soundcloud.com/martiensgohome   https://martiensgohome.bandcamp.com/   
Sylvain van iniitu ° Blindhæð http://ruidemos.org/rdmblindhaed.htm  http://www.iniitu.net/  https://www.instagram.com/e42.a8/  https://soundcloud.com/ini-itu
* 4lpp4 ch1n0 https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com/album/nyh203-4llp4-ch1n0-vulgar-display-of-debug ° DJ Cardinal Mercier https://camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com/track/ad-lucem ` Frogoroth ( w/ Dave Phillips, Yannick Dauby, Slavek Kwi )  
Lydia Baziz https://tanukirecords.bandcamp.com/album/niobium
Jérémy Cornil https://soundcloud.com/esiturecords/sets/esitu-k06-cornil-reliefs-1
Thomas Coquelet ° Chaman Chômeur ( m/ Léo Rathier, Marc-Antoine Moercant ) https://becoq.bandcamp.com/  ° Lunar Error (id.)  U : http://lastdaydeaf.com/becoq-records/   http://www.jazzus.fr/?p=501 ° Slash Roubex https://slashroubex.bandcamp.com ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet ) ° 15%Chauve ° Nuits
Frédéric Tentelier https://www.frederictentelier.com frederictentelier.bandcamp.com
Pierre Denjean https://pierredenjean.bandcamp.com/music ` Lunar Error ^ terres rares ° Wing in Ground Effect ( m/ François Ella-Meyé & Pierre Denjean )
Ludovic Médery ° Fissures https://soundcloud.com/ludovic-medery  https://ludovicmedery.bandcamp.com/ http://ludovicmedery.tumblr.com/ ° Ilya P. ° Vox Rumori ° Rotorelief
Léo Rathier ` Lunar Error ° Chaman Chômeur
Alice Just https://alicejust.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/alicejust http://alice-just.tumblr.com/
Arthur Lacomme http://www.arthurlacomme.net
Yau Fan ° Exoterrism https://soundcloud.com/exoterrism ° Exo_C ° ExoE42
Pierre Mauger ° Slash Roubex https://slashroubex.bandcamp.com
Mariko Fujita
Sabri Meddeb
https://soundcloud.com/sabrimeddeb https://sabrimeddeb.bandcamp.com
Joaquim Cauqeraumont ° Polarisation Sonore https://polarisationsonore.bandcamp.com/ https://cactusinebranlableeditions.com/produit/derriere-lenvers-du-decor/

mastering by Frédéric Alstadt https://angstromrecords.bandcamp.com http://www.angstrom-mastering.com

* tracklisting


La Mule Du Pape Ne Mange qu'à ces heures
Proposition déclairée mammalement scandaleuse
Les marmitons d'Occam à Simple Tonsure
Sonner Le Tambourin à L'entour de la Ville
Tout contact heureux vient d'atomes glissants
Quelle sera la fin de tant de travaulx et traverses ?
Ô le mal plaisant torchecul!


La savate de humilité
une jument la plus énorme
Les Potingues des évesques potatifz
chanter musicalement
On a construit notre édicule, mais par le bas
Je croys que c'est là une corne de limasson; ne la mangez poinct
tant que Mars ayt les empas
Poisson d'argent

* translation of the liner notes : English version

( version française dans le livret du 2CD )

It would be a shame to seize as an excuse the 5 years of existence of E42.A8 to definitively delimit, or even close, what running that experience has implied so far. This compilation aims to further open occasions, by highlighting what some of us wanted to remember as traces of their presence within E42.A8

If E42.A8 is neither a group nor a laboratory, what is it? The first hypothesis would not account for the attempt to constantly undermine stability, and for trying to always stay open to new grafts; the second would inevitably reduce everything that happens there to the scientific model of an experience without human, aesthetic or transcendental significance.

The term that seems to us best to account for this suspension of always coming back to “the same” is probably that of "situation". There is both a journey  towards the spatial dimension, most of the time an abandoned barn in the countryside, in the acute angle formed by the crossing of two highways serving a half-industrial, half-rural area; a journey as well towards the dimension of time, that of a “session” lasting one or two full days; all of this in variable company, thus unfolding a real combinatory process.

We still have to explain the goal of these sessions, and how they are aiming at the creation of freely improvised music, giving a place to both acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as all electro-acoustic manipulations.

An initial impulse has undoubtedly been Anla Courtis' suggestion: “to create places where improvisation is possible for all”.

Then, the progressive accretion of improvisers and experimenters of all kinds, interested in the premises of what seems to be possible there, coming from various places scattered along an axis crossing Belgium and the North of France : along the Walloon ridge or near the coal basin from Nord-Pas-de-Calais to Liège, via the Borinage, while extending as far as Brabant.  As such, an axis of communication and transport routes, heritage of a history with geological foundations, whose meaning has to be reconstructed; an axis celebrating the porosity of borders, both national and stylistic.

Finally, a guiding principle, worded as follows: "REC PLAY SHARE". We are clearly meeting to play, without much further guidance as to what is expected; everything is recorded; the recordings are shared between each participant, who beyond that apply the maxim that Rabelais attributes to the abbey of Thélème and which will be found below. Most of the time this is done without an audience, except during "extramuros" sessions, faithful in that to being dogmatically faithful to nothing.

The rest obviously falls within the range of questions common to any improvisation process: how to play together? How to live together ? in a broader sense, how to pay attention to the other? how does the other restrict or potentiate me? how to deal with the unexpected? how can we work together towards something? What is this desire which pushes us to throw ourselves into the bottomlessness of free improvisation? should we aim for complementarity or antagonism? to what extent do you confine yourself to one space or leave some to others? How does the absence of an audience release us from the pressure to be spectacular? What is this desire to play, without an audience? What pleasure is there in simply getting together in those interstitial moments, those of meals, drinks, discussions?

Produced by trying to stay as close to this line as possible, this compilation is the result of edits made by various participants, using material from sessions in which they participated.  There was no control on the resulting pieces, everyone received carte blanche. Again we therefore preferred multiple, kaleidoscopic and fragmented points of view of these first 5 years, rather than a homogeneous sum. We hope you can share the pleasure we had in meeting, and perhaps arouse the desire to join us, one way or another.


* where to get it ? >>> email at ini.itu.rec (a) gmail.com

* distribution will also happen through Mandaï records - get in touch if you want to distribute for other places.

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